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This Ghanaian Village Is Banning Girls On Their Period From Their Only Means Of Getting To School

According to reports, a ban was given by a local river god that menstruating girls should desist from crossing the River Ofin, in the Upper Denkyira East district, in the Central Region of Ghana.

In order not to provoke the gods, traditional leaders in the country have banned school girls from crossing the river every Tuesday and when they are menstruating.

What this means is that the girls would be missing out on classes since the river is the only way they can access their schools.


Talking to BBC, UNICEF’s menstrual hygiene ambassador Shamima Muslim Alhassan said, “It seems the gods are really powerful aren’t they? Sometimes I think that we need to ask for some form of accountability from these gods who continue to bar a lot of things from happening, to account for how they have used the tremendous power that we have given them.”



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