This Young Mother Did A Semi-Nude Photoshoot On A Street To Prove A Point

One African-American mother is tired of people treating breastfeeding like an anomaly when in reality it is a very normal and natural part of life.

The woman with Instagram handle @scapperella took to the middle of a road to do a photoshoot of her semi clad in a swimwear while nurturing her baby.

Sharing the photos on her Instagram she wrote,

The naturalness of breastfeeding in so many positions only a mama could know.
The attitude of unshamefulness as my baby is being nourished, held, snug & secure.
The power of not giving a flying fuck of the opinions of others, only being a mother & who I am simultaneously.
Smack dab in the middle of American society, I continue to embody traditions that wont be shooketh by western ways.
Unfuckwitable, the nipple is freed with expressing & desexualizing my feminine form.
I am a wombman.
Deservant of respect.
Hiding your feminine power, shaming breastfeeding & making the wombman feel low about the expression of their vessel is what they want.
No giving in.
Hide my femininity for your comfort? Psh it was never about you.
SN: this photo was taken at the beach after being harassed by the cops and threatening to call back up because a “black woman” was breastfeeding in the open. Coincidence? HELL NO.
Art was never meant to be overstood (understood?) with the logical mind. Art is to be felt with an open mind & heart.

But breastfeeding isn’t the only thing the young mum is trying to normalize. Her pictures which see her showing off her underarm and pubic hair also seem to be a call on the world to stop viewing body hair in women as something that should be gotten rid of.


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