Tips On How To Select Eyeshadow Colors That Suit Your Eye Color

Eye shadow when applied is usually one of the most important part of makeup because of it’s visibility and it draws attention to the eyes.

When deciding what color or shade of eye shadow to pick try to pick colors that are complimentary (colors that lay against each other on a color wheel)

Here are tips on how to pick eye shadow color depending on the color of eye (or contact lens color):

1. Brown eyes: Most colors go with brown eyes. To bring out the color of your eyes, use bronzy gold or deep purple. To make your eyes look lighter, try mossy green shadow and to make it dazzle, use tones like charcoal or silver.

2. Dark brown eyes: Neutral colors suit dark brown eyes best.

3. Hazel eyes: Hazel eyes are a very unique combination of green and gold/brown eyes. Wear soft metallics like Grey/silver and dusty pink.

4. Green eyes: To make hazel eyes pop and look intense, use bold colors like red, magenta. To make it look subtle, most shades of pink work or dark colors with red undertones like bronze and mahogany.

5. Blue eyes: Orange and blue are complimentary colors so use colors with orange undertones like gold, bronze and champagne.

6. Gray eyes: Use steely colors and metallics to make the color look more mysterious. Silver and Icy blue work.


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