Tonto Dike To Haters- ‘Your Mothers Didn’t Care For You As Much As I’m Caring For My Juicyman’

Tonto Dikeh has called out her haters with strong words and the savagery is perhaps too much.

The actress has been under fire recently for showing her cleavage in a recent picture and saying that Olusegun Obasanjo is not her father-in-law after saying in the past that he is.

Tonto, however, isn’t letting the criticism go-by. She went on her Instagram stories to say some of the people slamming her are women who have and will never be proposed to, women still fighting over fuckboys, girls who know nothing of marriage, women who are still to make use of their wombs if it hasn’t been destroyed by abortion, et al.

For those who say she is a shame to motherhood, the actress said their mothers didn’t take care of them as much as she is caring for her son.

See her posts below:



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