TUXP Lip Sync Battle – You’re Probably Reading This At Work

While I have your attention, I’d like to tell you about the only party you have to attend this year and also how you can win N500,000. The Unofficial Christmas Party (TUXP) is for you and your team to celebrate a year of achievement.  I genuinely believe you deserve it! After all the hard work, sleepless nights, tears, HR, salaries, and so on and so forth and you made it…you definitely deserve a night of glam!

There’s a lot planned but I’d like to tell you about The Lip Sync Battle!  It’s been ongoing for years now and the last year winner, Sanofi, went home with the Trophy after a particularly energetic performance.

How’s it going to work?

We’ve paired up with influencers like Akah Nani, Ade Laoye, Hauwa Mukan and Noble Igwe to raise the stakes. Each influencer and a few fans will join forces with teams at The Unofficial Christmas Party to give 1 epic performance. For example, a company might be partnered with Akah Nani and his team against the pairing of another company with Noble Igwe. These influencers are experts at putting on a show, so we’d thought we’d invite them in to have a little fun.

Your Next Moves:

(1) See the influencers pitch for a few of their fans to join their teams @theuxparty!

(2) Get some disco fever

(3) Reserve a table for you and your team at this year’s Studio 54 themed party

(4) Put on something shiny and come party with us

(5) Cop that 500K courtesy Booked by Us a Nigerian talent booking agency

Follow the build up on Instagram @theuxparty and on youtube: The Unofficial Christmas Party


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