Vagina Bleaching Is Actually A Thing & Here Is Everything You Need To Know About It

Yes, you read right. People are actually out here bleaching their vaginas. And I mean, why the hell not? If we’re investing in Whitenicious, Egyptian Milk and going to extreme lengths to have our faces and other parts of our body “glowing”, we might as well go all the way, no?

Even though it’s being tagged the latest beauty trend by some media publications, vagina bleaching has – not surprisingly – been around for a while. In a quest for the perfect pussy, women have, for years now, used a variety of lightening creams to “improve” the colour of the skin around their vagina. A quick Google search will show you a wide range of vagina whitening creams in different sizes, packaging and prices.

There’s still a big question mark regarding the effectiveness of these creams but this isn’t by any means deterring people in their quest for a white vagina. And the experts are leveraging on this obsession to explore and come up with even more ways of exploiting the women and their lady parts.

The latest vaginal whitening invention is the laser lightening treatment which is reportedly gaining a lot of traction in the UK with price for a 10-minute session going for as high as 500 Euros (205,500 Naira).


The treatment which is aimed at removing darker tissues in the vulva area promises a quick recovery and no scarring whatsoever.

While the treatment is still almost unheard of in Nigeria, one can expect that considering how light skin-crazy the society is, it’s only a matter of time before it gets here.

And while we’re advocates of doing with your body what you damn well please, we strongly advise that you let your pussy be.

It is perfectly normal for your vulva to be darker than the rest of your body. Through your puberty years and as you get older, you undergo hormonal changes that will affect different parts of your body, and your vulva is one of these body parts. It will change in colour and texture, and there is nothing wrong with any of that. Embrace your vulva in all its uniqueness and beauty (yes, beauty!)

And just in case our little pep talk up there is still not enough to discourage you, you should also know that it is extremely risky to try to whiten your vagina either by using lightening creams or going through a laser treatment. According to experts, “there’s a “high risk” of both short and long term complications and side effects, including infection, burns with permanent scarring and “permanent damage leaving women with discomfort during intercourse” – and you wouldn’t want that now, would you?


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