Watch: MTV Shuga Naija Season 4, Episode 1 Teases A Drama-Packed Season

If you’re anything like us, then you most probably have been eagerly looking forward to the new season of MTV Shuga Naijaon YouTube. Good news – It’s finally here.

And without dropping spoilers (because we are nice, duh), we have to say this might be the most exciting season yet.

Tobi is in love! 😉  Faa is still trying to prove her innocence and get the press to leave her alone. And whew, Diana seems to still be up to no good.

We are being introduced to some really interesting new characters and we can’t wait to see their stories unfold in the new season of MTV Shuga Naija.

Watch the first episode below and if you’re getting into the new theme song like we know you would, you can check out the season’s sizzling playlist HERE. You’re welcome!


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