Woman Suffering From Postpartum Depression Kills Her 2 Months Old Daughter

A California woman suffering from postpartum depression has killed her 2-months-old baby by throwing the child out of a moving car.

The woman identified as Nicole Stasio is a 32-year-old yoga instructor and health coach.

According to a report by People, Stasio gave birth to her newborn just two months earlier in Bali but she allegedly killed the child and then tried to commit suicide.

Stasio had been in Bali since July with her parents who were there for the first 10 days of her visit before she birthed her daughter.

Her driver Wayan Siaj and tour guide Made Arimbawa, shared how Stasio attempted killing herself after allegedly throwing the baby girl out of the vehicle.

They had been driving in silence when she allegedly threw the 2-month-old out. The two did not notice this had happened. However, soon after, they watched as she suddenly jumped out of the car at an intersection in Denpasar, they explained to authorities.

She was taken subsequently to Bali Mandara hospital to get medical attention while her baby girl was eventually found by villagers less than a mile away from the incident. The baby suffered severe injuries and later died at the same hospital Stasio was being treated at.

Authorities say they have been unable to question her as she’s been diagnosed with severe depression.

It was also revealed that when her parents had asked about the baby’s father, she refused to answer, giving the impression that she was unmarried and her family preferred that she give birth to a child abroad, as though they were trying to cover up something.





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