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FFA Popped My Fashion Show Cherry And It Was A Complete Lituation

Jane Michael

I think the first time I I was conscious of the word ‘fashion’ was when I first watched ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ back as a child and was in total awe of Meryl Streep’s character, Miranda Priestly, and the glamour of the fictional world of ‘Runway Magazine’. Since then, I’ve always wanted to attend a fashion show. Yes, I’ve seen a couple of campus runway shows but let’s be honest, campus runways shows are like rehearsal sessions for actual runway shows.

My legitimate runway show cherry was finally popped on Sunday, May 27 2018. As far as cherry popping experiences go, this was a pretty smooth and enjoyable one. It was day two of Fashion Finest Africa’s Epic Show and I was able to catch the last two shows of the day. The event took place at Balmoral Center, Federal Palace Hotel and it was actually a lituation.

A noble picture of me doing what i do best, slaying

First of all, I’d like to state that I am a super fly, drop-dead handsome ebony king and you can’t now and will ever be able to tell me any differently. However, I’m not going to lie, I felt like a little gremlin next to all those lanky, glistening eye models.They were everywhere! You look to the left, you’ll see baby skin with curly hair; you look to the right, you’ll see chiseled body with flawless eyes. It was like God created a special day just so he would have time to mold these ones. But like i said earlier, I am a superfly, drop-dead handsome ebony king and you can take that to the bank.

The models, gorgeous or otherwise, were not the reason why I came to Balmoral. I was there for the fashion and boy, was there a lot of it. Everyone was dressed like Anna Wintour was going to pop out any minute and pick her favorite looks. Both on the runway and off the runway, there were stunners.

The first collection I saw was from a designer called Guzzling. Guzzling’s collection featured a number of edgy urban looks but nothing that really knocked my socks off. After Guzzling was Oma Humphrey Signature’s regal collection. On a serious note, the looks from Oma’s runway would have fit seamlessly at The Royal Wedding. They were big, bold and extra looks with just the right touch of sass.

Oma Humphrey Signature

The last show of the day began with SGTC’s collection. The show recycled pretty much the same models but it seemed that the SGTC designers selected the fiercest ones for their show. Yes, the show was clean and all but what made the SGTC walk truly memorable were the models. People were literally shouting ‘YAAS QUEEN! BETTER SLAY!’. And of course by people, I mean me so…

SGTC Clothing

Saanduks was up next with the classiest looks of the night; Isi Atagmen’s walk was fabulous and sheek and Fhibbs Signature brought some colourful print magic to the runway. The only designer whose collection I didn’t really mess with was Love Nwafor. From the choice of fabric to the awkwardly put together designs, Love gave me nothing to love really.

Isi Atagamen Fashion
Love Nwafor
House of Caacuun
Fhibbs Signature

There were a lot of great collections on the runway as expected but the organizers really did save the best for last. Jane Michael’s collection was visually stunning, brilliantly choreographed and just all in all glorious. I’m glad I was able to attend such a beautifully put together show.

Jane Michael
Jane Michael

Lest I forget, I got to sit in the front row for the last show and did my best Miranda Priestly meets Anna Wintour impression. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I know for a fact that they’d be proud.


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