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“I Know I’m Skinny But I’m Trying To Eat Burgers And Do Squats”- Gigi Hadid Replies Her Body Shamers

23 years old American fashion model, Gigi Hadid is addressing her body-shamers once more.

The model who has always been a subject of internet bullying on account of her fluctuating body size has replied shamers who accused her of being too skinny.

She spoke together with other models; Kendall Jenner and Ashley Graham on the Vogue ‘Forces of Fashion’ panel.

Gigi said:

I loved my body when I was curvier and as I lost weight, people were really mean.

She added:

Yeah I know I’m skinny – I’m looking in the mirror. But I’m trying to eat burgers and do squats and, like, I want an ass too. I get it, thank you.

Ashley, who is well known for her body confident attitude, backed Gigi up, saying:

Every time I work with you, there’s a taco or burger truck nearby.


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