Men are Scum, Men Can Do Better

When I saw this tweet, I wanted to ignore it. I ignore a lot of things on Social Media, because I don’t want to disturb my peace of mind from engaging with mindless people on issues that they have misconstrued opinions about, but also because I don’t want to waste my time. And I mostly ignore because I don’t want these kinds of people to feel a bit more important by one more person responding to them on social media. Yeah, that’s what I believe they’re seeking, attention.

The sick desire today amongst us for attention will make people do and say almost anything. Anything to Trend! Be in the spotlight of the internet world. To get likes, retweets, mentions and reposts. As long as they’re talking about what I tweeted or posted, we are fine.
But there are and should be limits to what we condone on Social Media. Yes, it’s a space to be social, but bullying and shaming should not be allowed to go unchecked. Because in the real world, we would call that person to order.

I’m sure you can see the picture of the tweet I posted, and have read what it’s about. I’m going to ask you, what do you think of it?
We are allowed to make jokes and have fun, and even if this was that, how does it make you feel as a person? I am disregarding gender now, cause I’ll get into all that. I’m sure it gets you thinking, but in what direction are your thoughts going?

Personally, I was disgusted! So much so that I couldn’t ignore and I’m writing about it on the same Social Media space. And I want to apologise to all Women out there because I don’t and will never understand what you endure in your lives daily.

How can a young man spend so much time looking at a woman’s picture, not one but four, and all he comes of with is that she is wearing the same bra always. And that because she’s rich, she should be able to afford to change her bra. And he puts it on social media in an attempt to shame or embarrass her.

First of all, this just strikes me as being a creep. I mean, you obviously spend a lot of hours looking at her breast in any picture of hers you find. I’m not saying that I’m a saint, but for crying out loud, you look and move on. Don’t try to build a career around it.

Secondly, with everything Women are facing in the world and are trying to make right from generations of being objectified in society, this is how a young man in 2017 sees a clearly hard working successful career woman? Then we have a lot of work to do.

Why won’t Women say ‘Men are Scum’. Of course, not all men fall into the scum description that women talk about, but not doing anything while we clearly can make us scum. Don’t you think?

Guys, and by guys I’m talking to my brothers, we can do better! We have to in our little social media space start to change the way women are perceived in society. We have to be the ones to stand up for our ladies when they’re treated in ways that we wouldn’t want our daughters to be treated. We have to call a man to order when he openly wants to objectify a woman. When he disrespects a woman around us. At school, work, social gatherings and on social media.

We cannot sit and allow this kind of behavior to continue. Whether it’s from a man with so much power or an everyday guy who thinks he doesn’t have power.

Remember, our Words are Powerful and with it we can destroy or build!


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