What Rivalry? Nicki Minaj Gifted New Mom Cardi B A $5,000 Gift Basket For Her Daughter

While for months fans and the media have passed rumors about the rap queens Nicki Minaj and Cardi B being embroiled in a rivalry, it seems Nicki has put it to rest.

It was reported that Nicki sent a gift basket worth $5,000 to Cardi B just minutes after news spread that she birthed her daughter, Kulture.

Nicki reportedly asked that the basket be made “as girly as possible,” making sure it was stuffed with luxury clothes, dolls, stuffed animals and a sterling silver rattle.

She also got a few things for Cardi herself to pamper herself with.

Nicki then had the basket shipped to Cardi’s home in Atlanta.

Rivalry? What rivalry?!


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