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234Star Helpline: ‘I’m Sick And Tired Of My Lazy Wife’

Hello 234Star;

I’m so unhappy right now and I need serious advice before I do something stupid.

I have a beautiful wife I got married to last year, we have a 3 months old daughter and everything was beautiful until she got pregnant.

I was happy about it that we are having our first child and I will be a father.

My wife was a fashionista on Instagram before I married her, she always snaps beautiful pictures and seemed so lovely, that was why I got attracted to her. Ever since our marriage, she doesn’t care about looking for a job, I tried to get her some jobs but she told me she isn’t interested, I felt it’s okay, I can take care of everything with the money I am making, the only thing she does was to cook, tidy the house and go out with her friends. I never complained because I can’t control her life and didn’t see it as a trouble.

When she got pregnant, her going out reduced but she hardly cooks or cleans the house again, most of the time I cook food for us, I was calm about it because I felt it was her first pregnancy and she may not be comfortable to do most things.

Now that our child is 3 months, she still doesn’t do any work at all, I go out in the morning and come back in the night to meet our house scattered. She only cares about what she will eat and what she will wear out. She goes out every time even without informing me, she starves me off food and sex sometimes, this is someone who loves having sex before she got pregnant. I don’t know if she is getting it from someone else. I have spoken to her about her character several times but she never listens to me.

I cannot continue with someone who is very lazy, she doesn’t do any single work in this life only to care about her looks and how people see her online. I wonder why a married woman that has a child will be posting different sorts of pictures of her online.

I need advice on what to do because I have endured for 3 months and I cannot take this anymore.


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