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8 Bomb & Easy Hairstyles For The Stylish Naturalista

Because we’re huge fans of the natural hair and we know how difficult styling it can be, we’ve put together 8 hairstyles that are bomb and quite easy to navigate.

1. Pineapple (AKA Fineapple): This is a neatly packed high ponytail that will help to preserve your hair after a twist out

2. Double buns: This particular one is a cute look. And it is not difficult. All you have to do is neatly part your hair in the middle, make high pigtails, and wrap your hair around the base of each pigtail.

3. Bantu knots: It’s a “airy” hairstyle! It allows air into your skull.

4. Twin braids: Just like double buns, this is also a cute hairstyle.

5. Scarf updo: This particular hairstyle is chic and goes with whatever outfit you put on because you can choose from varieties of scarfs to fit your outfit for the day!

6. Goddess braid: This is one neat, elegant and charming hairstyle that you can wear anywhere including to work.

7. Twists: This is just like kinky braids but with your natural hair. It’s comfy and when neatly done, can last for a long period of time.

8. The Fro: This is the signature hairstyle for any one with a natural hair! A girl with a neat fro is admired anywhere.


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