Are Eyebrow Wigs A Beauty Trend You’re Willing To Try?

Eyebrows on fleek!

It’s only logical that since there’s now a solution to virtually every beauty flaw, people with thinning or sparse eyebrows will also get their own fix. So, instead of struggling to draw on the perfect brows, why not just buy an already constructed lace wig for your brows and save yourself the stress, no?

The eyebrow wigs haven’t really caught on and we don’t know for sure that it will. The trend has been popping up every now and then for a while now and has been embraced by people suffering Alopecia or going through chemotherapy. But there’s also a section of the beauty world that has latched on it, just because – there are tons of YouTube tutorials on the trend.

A set goes for as little as 5,400 Naira (depending on where you’re buying from) and can last up to 6 months.

But what we’d really like to know is, will you be jumping on this trend?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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