Faa Gets Raped In Episode 7 Of #MTVShugaNaija, Watch!

The 7th episode of popular drama series MTV Shuga Naija hit our TV screens Tuesday evening, and as usual, it was gripping and action-packed.

The emotional rollercoaster that began with Episode 5 continues in this mind-blowing episode as we see Frances make a return to school after being gone for a while. She however has to deal with the fact that news of her ordeal has spread round the school and everyone seems to be talking about her. Thankfully, she has Cynthia to help her get through the situation.

After a breathtaking performance with Akins, Faa finds herself trapped in a room with Bada who eventually rapes and hits her, leaving her bleeding.

We also see Leila and Tobi make an effort to mend their already shaky relationship.

Watch all the drama below.


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