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Michael B. Jordan And Tessa Thompson Are The Cover Stars For Entertainment Weekly Magazine’s Latest Issue

Entertainment Weekly Magazine’s new issue has Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan and popular American actress Tessa Thompson as their cover stars.

The actors while being interviewed by the magazine, discussed their roles as Adonis Creed and Bianca Taylor in the movie; “Creed II” which will premiere on Wednesday, November 21, 2018.

Read excerpt from the interview below:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You must have been excited to get back into this world. Did you go back and watch Rocky IV to brush up on the Drago drama?

MICHAEL B. JORDAN: Yeah, Rocky IV is one of my favorites, so I was familiar with the whole beef that they had. Just getting back into that definitely got me amped up to play this part.

TESSA THOMPSON: You know what I did go back and watch was Rocky II, just to get a sense of what they did with [Rocky’s wife] Adrian in that film, and how those characters started their family and how their relationship transitioned from the first [film] to the second. I thought there was an opportunity to do something nice with ours in terms of an homage to that.


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