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These Signs Will Tell If You Are A Shopaholic

We all love shopping, it can be fun and exciting. The thought of getting new clothes, shoes, or any fashion item could be thrilling, but for some people, it’s a do or die affair. They feel like they’re losing their minds if they’re not buying new things. These are the people we call shopaholics.

A shopaholic is a person considered to be addicted to shopping.

Below are 5 signs that you are a shopaholic:

1. You have an endless wish list: You never run out of items you wish to buy, you keep making wish lists everyday.

2. Sales make you salivate: If the thought of a discounted price seems as appetizing to you as food, or if Black Friday is your favorite holiday, then you should know that you are a shopaholic.

3. You can recite your Bank ATM number off heart: If you have memorized the number written on your ATM, including the CVV and date, then you should know you have made enough transactions to call yourself a shopaholic.

4. You have unopened or tagged items in your wardrobe: You keep stumbling upon unopened items you’ve bought or items still with their tags, most times you may not remember when you bought them.

5. Stores attendants know you just like your friends: You spend virtually all your time shopping in stores that the attendants there already know your name and the type of things you buy.


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