Zoë Kravitz Covers Baazar Magazine Unretouched

Retouching is a form of editing famously used for beauty shoots and magazine covers. Celebrities have come out to complain that a certain part of their body was altered when doing shoots for brands.

In the latest issue of Baazar, actress and singer Zoe Kravitz was unretouched for all the pictures taken for the shoot.

In an interview with her Big Little Lies co star Reese Witherspoon, she opens up about her family, photo retouching and racial stereotypes in Hollywood.

Kravitz who has also been a victim of retouching explained the experience:

I haven’t had any drastic experiences. I did a cover of a magazine once and noticed that my eyes were this beautiful hazel-green color, which would be great, but they’re not that color! Little things like that. I’ve seen my hands be changed before. It makes you think, “What’s wrong with my hands? Or my eyes?”

See pictures from the shoot below:


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