5 Tips For Throwing A Wedding Your Guests Won’t Forget In A Hurry

The major goal is about celebrating your big day with the love of your life, but there are other things you need to keep in mind when you are planning to make that day a special one to ensure that your guests have a swell time.

To help you have the best wedding ever, we’ve outlined five tips that will leave your guests wowed.

1.Start planning months prior to your wedding

There is little you can do as events on the day so it’s best to make sure you get everything right before then. Research widely to know for sure what you want and hire a wedding planner to do so; doing so will save you from unnecessary frustration.

2.Spend wisely

While you’re trying to have a grand event, it is important to spend wisely. When the lights go off and guests return to their homes, you would be left with bills and more bills. There’s no point getting into debt after the wedding.

3.Make the ceremony brief

Your wedding is all about you and your spouse basically, but you should also consider your guests as well. Some of them might have come from really long distances to come celebrate with you. For their sakes get everything done on time.

4.Satisfy your guests

There’s nothing as annoying as attending a wedding and being passed over when it’s lunch time. That’s what guests would remember. Try to provide all they need to have a nice time. Also make sure that the people in charge of food and drinks are not aggressive.

5.Get them souvenirs

After they must have dined and wined well, you should have something prepared for your guests as well , as a way to thank them for coming out to celebrate with you on your big day. Share souvenirs, (don’t forget to put cakes in it) and ensure they all leave happy and well attended to.


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