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Fashion Week Essentials: These Are Things You Must Have On You If You’re Attending Heineken Lagos Fashion Week

Heineken Lagos Fashion Week is almost here! As we get ready to see Nigeria’s top designers and models show off their stuff on the runway, there are a few Fashion Week essentials, you should have. Apart from your phone, power bank and/or camera, here are a essentials you should have with you in no particular order:

1. Sunglasses: You would be under shades/tents most of the time, especially since the runway shows are late in the evening. But if you intend to attend the Master classes in the afternoon or came to see street style, a pair of shades would be needed.

2. Water: Staying hydrated is key! Even though cocktails and drinks might be served, nothing is tastier than water.

3. Slippers/Sandals: If you intend to wear heels or slightly uncomfortable shoes, just because they go with your outfit, take a pair of chic slippers or sandals else you would be hopping barefoot between shows.

4. Powder, Lip gloss, Highlighter: The heat will definitely mess with your makeup, or you might be taking pictures and realize your face beat is slightly off, have these handy so you can touch up anytime.

5. Notepad: If you are a fashion/style blogger and you’re attending the event for work purposes, you should definitely have a pen and notepad with you to take down notes about individual collections. Writing on your phone might distract you.

6. Munchies: If you’re always hungry like me, this is important. No one would mind you sneaking in a few biscuits while you’re being enthralled with the pieces on the runway.


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