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From Queen Elizabeth To Tiwa Savage, The Neon Colour Trend Is Making A Major Comeback

Fashion in the 80’s was about making a statement. Clothing and accessories tended to be bright, colorful, big and even revealing at times. It’s no wonder they are making their comeback to the 21st century. Mom jeans, biker shorts, large vintage shirts, hoop earrings are all back and better! But nothing screams 80’s than neon colors.

Some people call the colors fluorescent but they mean the same thing. Clothes were just so bright, from neon green to neon yellow, to neon blue. You enter a club only to see different colors dancing around. The world was such a colorful place to live in – must have been!
Now, the neon colour trend is back and everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Tiwa Savage are adopting it and not just as outfits but accessories and even hair colour.
Take a look.

1) Tiwa Savage adopted the trend for her tour merch with sweatshirts and biker shorts coming in different neon shades.

2) Sza rocked her hair in the neon color green to the VMAs

3) We know how BBNaija’s Bambam does not dull herself when it comes to fashion.

4) Even the Queen of England knows what’s up…

5)Well, well, well, looks like Blake Lively caught the neon fever too.

6) A pair of neon colored stiletto must be found in your closet before the end of today or you’ll be sentenced to 500 years in fashion prison and I’m not kidding!


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