Meghan Markle’s Half Sister Says Meghan Can’t Stop Her From Talking To The Press

Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Markle made a video in  which she said Meghan can’t make her stop talking to the press because she’s American and has the right to free speech.

Samantha, who has been speaking bad about Meghan to the press, told TMZ  that no matter censorship legal guidelines that function in the U.K. doesn’t apply to her in the US and she will keep talking about Meghan’s relationship, or lack thereof, with her father’s side of the family.

“There’s something in this country known as freedom of speech, she doesn’t have a copyright on that. and she’s not gonna tell me that I can’t speak about my own life or my father’s…  I’m not gonna take it. She’s not qualified to suggest that I don’t, under any law in this country,” Samantha Markle told TMZ.

She adds: “This is not Great Britain. I am a United States citizen and that’s all there is to it. She’s way out of her league to tell me that I can’t speak. I’m not saying anything about her, but if I’m talking about my life and my father’s she has to respect it.

“Meghan and I do not have a relationship now. The last year I think has been strained because of what tabloids have said. But Meg doesn’t have a relationship that I’ve seen with anyone in the family.”

When questioned if she got Meghan and Prince Harry a wedding gift, she said:

“I did. I did. I searched the world for something that I thought was really sentimental and I’ll like to give it to her in person, but if not, I will certainly send it.”

Watch the video here.


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