A Quick Guide On Sex During Your Period

Forget what you heard, sex during your period is not a taboo. Matter of fact, it might be the best sex you ever had if you do it right.

Contrary to the belief that women are generally put off by the idea of sex when they’re on their period, the truth is when the cramps of the first few days subside, a lot of women are usually their horniest when they’re on their period.

You might need to talk to your gynaecologist to explain the science behind this charge in your sex drive when you’re menstruating but a simple explanation is that the testosterone levels which is linked to a woman’s sex drive usually starts rising during your period.

Period sex is especially good for your cramps – it’s a proven fact that the resultant orgasm helps reduce the annoying lower abdominal pain women feel during menstruation.

So, if you’re all for it (and i see no reason why you shouldn’t be), here are some quick tips on period sex!

1. Towels come in handy. While period sex is no blood fest or bloodbath, you might want to spread a towel to protect your sheet from any stray blood.

2. Find the best position that works for you. As with every other sex, there’s no one or standard way to do it. Just keep experimenting until you find what works best for you. But here are a few tips –

  • If you’re extra wary about soiling your sheets, then you should try getting on top. That way, you get to control the ride and whatever blood that trickles out drops on him before it gets on the sheets. If he’s a big boy, he should have no problems with this. It’s just blood duh!
  • Spooning can also be very comforting and great for your cramps.
  • If you’re still uncomfortable with having his penis in your veejayjay, it might be a good time to turn over and experiment with other holes.

3. If y’all are going the oral route and you don’t wear a tampon which prevents the blood from leaking outside your vagina, then please use a dental dam. (Dental dams are latex or polyurethane sheets used between the mouth and vagina or anus during oral sex. They’re thin enough to allow the woman feel the same earth-shattering sensation(s) she ordinarily would when you get down on her.

Dental Dam

4. If you are not planning on making babies then it’s important that you use protection. That myth about women not getting pregnant during their period is just that – a myth. While you’re less likely to get pregnant during your period, it is not entirely impossible.

5. Learn to see the menstrual blood as just another body fluid. Look on the brighter side – it is a much needed lubricant for a smoother ride.

Now go on and have yourself some mind-blowing period sex!


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