Should Men Wear Makeup?

Makeup is seen as only reserved for 2 people: women and drag queens.

Men are generally sidelined as ignorant when the issue of makeup comes on yet we have male makeup artists and drag queens. It is almost like wearing makeup somehow threatens the man’s masculinity.

The big question here is Should men wear makeup?

First of all, it is no one’s business; the same way it is not your business when women put on makeup.

Makeup was originally put on by both men and women. Egyptian men used kohl to line eyes, the upper European class used white lead to make themselves appear whiter. Somehow, we got to a point in history where everyone somehow just assumed that makeup and cosmetics were feminine (yet we have women who don’t put on makeup).

In the society today men who put on makeup are instantly tagged as gay or faggot whether they are heterosexual or not. “Religious” people who get intoxicated, commit adultery, steal and defraud people somehow think they are holier than men who wear makeup or exhibit a “feminine” trait. They are quick to point fingers and shout Faggot and even back it up with “it’s not normal” or “it’s not in the scriptures” like half of the things they do is in any holy book.

Men who can and know how to wear makeup should do so because it is a form of self-expression.

Others that hate on them are also entitled to their own opinions but if the opinions are harmful towards another person’s physical and mental well being then maybe you should keep it to yourself.


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