Waiting For A Callback From Prospective Employers Is Low-key The Most Frustrating Thing Ever!

I’ve been frustrated a few times in my 27 years of life – by people and by situations that I had little or no control over. But I’ve never been as frustrated as I was the one time I had to wait for a callback from a job I’d interviewed for and wanted so bad. Kai!

Waiting for that callback from a prospective employer is the worst kind of frustration. Nothing comes close!

All day, you sit by your phone plugged to a charging port as you fervently pray the good guys at PHCN do not choose today to show themselves and that the guy sitting by the ‘On’ and ‘Off’ switch (that is a thing right?) wasn’t angered by his wife before he left for work that morning.

You will your phone to ring and jump out of the bathroom when you hear that first loud vibration but it’s just MTN telling you to buy a stupid callertune.

Refreshing your mailbox every 2 seconds to no avail and when you want to finally give up you see “Downloading 1 of 1”. Your belly clinches and your heart does a little dance. “This must be it,” you say to yourself. But no it isn’t “It”. It’s only Dr Ikemba telling you to enlarge your penis as if you don’t already have enough problems.

You’re torn between calling the company to ask them “how far” at the risk of being perceived as desperate, or chilling (which is hardly the case) for them to “get back to you” as promised.

You lie on your bed staring at the ceiling and wondering, “Could it be that I didn’t do as well as I thought in the interview?” Then you remember your lecturer in uni, Mr Oliver who never stopped telling you that “you no sabi book” and you find yourself starting to think maybe he was right after all.

Or maybe it’s your village people at work. “Is it just me or was Mama Ngozi looking at me a certain way the last time I went to the village?”

There is nothing you won’t think of while you sit and wait for that call.

The wait, this wait does your head in like nothing else. Half the time it feels like you’re quarter to going mad or having a heart attack.

Yes it was that serious for me. I woke up one day and decided I have no plans of going mad or leaving this place before I turn 30, God forbid.

My advice? Don’t just sit down and wait for a callback that may or may never happen. Dust your ass off, find something productive to do with your time and carry on like you’re not waiting.

If you’re sure you did well at the interview (or interviews as was my case), then pray and hope for the best but by all means do not put your life on hold while you wait for that call or mail. You will go mad.
If they’ll call you, they will. If not, then well, no amount of fretting on your part will change that.

Will your heart still skip every time your phone rings? Of course. But you have to quickly talk some sense into yourself because, one simply cannot come and die because of job.


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  1. So funny but true! I can totally relate. It’s crazy cos you don’t even knw what to think of the outcome. Are they just ‘posting’ me by telling me they’ll get back to me? Or maybe I tried very well o but why ain’t they calling now? That moment is nerve-cracking. BTW, this was lovely written. 😍

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