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Myths About Your Vagina That Are Totally Wrong

There are tons of misconceptions about the down south axis of a woman’s anatomy but what is true and what isn’t?

There have been some myths that have long since taken root in women’s brains but we’re here to wipe it all away and start afresh.

Here are 6 vagina myths that are totally wrong.

1. Vaginal discharge equals STD

This is super wrong. Every woman with a vagina has discharge, Pay attention to yours.

2. Your vagina has to look a certain way

Don’t let the internet and entertainment fool you. The vagina has no standard look that is perfectly acceptable.

3. The vagina is a gross place

The vagina is a self cleaning beautiful amazing, feel good part of the body and it doesn’t need special cleaning products.

4. The vagina should smell ‘nice’

No. It’s normal for your vagina to have a slight odor, this odor can get stronger depending on your menstrual cycle. So stop with the deodorants and perfumes.

5. Infections are due to dirtiness

On the contrary, most vaginal infections tend to happen because you’re over cleaning the area and killing all the good bacteria and causing Bacteria Vaginosis (BV).


6. If you have too much sex, your vagina will get loose

The vagina is not that delicate, it is extremely elastic and can not only expand to fit any object but can also snap back to it’s original size soon after sex or child birth. So joke’s on the guys.


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