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This Pendant Clearly Looks Very Much Like Something Else

A British jeweler called Theo Fennell released a student-made collection called “Gilded Youth,” which was posted on Facebook on Monday.

According to the jeweler’s Facebook page,

“This pendant was designed by Lukas Grewenig as part of our Gilded Youth initiative. The design is inspired by the way a goldsmith assesses a stone by placing it between their index and middle finger.”

Well, while that might be what Theo Fennel says about this piece, it is not what everyone else thought when they came across it on Fcaebook.

From the many comments, about almost 10,000 of the people are instead seeing a silver vulva and a bright purple clit.

People shared their take on the jewelry in the comments and many of them have us gasping for air.

Of course some had to insert the age old “men can’t find the clit joke” too.

A few were more than a little outraged that it was approved for public consumption.

And there had to be that one person who took it a little too seriously…


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